TEAMYO D05 earphones review

We just received one of their metallic earphones from TEAMYO, the Teamyo D05 earphones. The earphones came in a carbon fiber like hard and also soft to the touch case with zipper. Inside the case, we find 3 sets of differently sized silicone ear caps and the D05 earphones itself. The whole house of the earphones made of aluminum alloy, which makes it a bit heavy, but also incredibly massive and durable. Inside the earphones, we find one 9,2mm speaker unit which generates decent sound quality. As in many small earphones, the mids are a bit flat with this one as well, but still, at this price point, it is acceptable. One strange build feature is that the control button is located on the left side. This is not crucial but still worth to mention. Overall we like this product, and if you are looking for good earphones with decent sound quality at a budget price you should choose this one.


Also, you can check our unboxing video here!

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Type:Metal In-Ear Earphone
Material:Metal CNC Zinc alloy
Speaker:9.2 mm NdFeB speaker
Speaker Power:Maximum 5mW
Speaker Sensitivity:108dB (at 1KHz 1mW)
Speaker Frequency Response:20-22 KHz
Microphone Sensitivity:-42dB±3dB1kHz
3V 0dB=1V/pa

TEAMYO D05 earphones

Build quality - 90%
Sound quality - 75%
Packaging - 60%
Price - 80%


Cool gadget

Good earphones with decent sound quality at a budget price.

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