Shozy Hibiki MKII REVIEW

A new revision of the original Shozy Hibiki

So this is Shozy Hibiki MKII, which means the second edition of the previous version, of the original Shozy Hibiki. What are the differences you may ask in a first place? Well, not much in term of specs. It has the same single dynamic driver as its predecessor, and sound quality is also the same.

Sound quality

As you might already know, I’m quite of and OST genre lover, so I tested this in mostly with these types of songs. Simply superb. Highs are just right, no fatigue feel. Mids are well balanced, the bass is punchy enough but not too much. Quite impressive what a single dynamic driver can achieve if you tune it right.


The bundled cable is a quad-core copper cable with a very nice coating. Not rubbery, not sticky, so that’s a plus from me! The cable also contains a little remote, with control buttons. Song skip and volume adjustments work as it should, at least with phones. I also tried to use it with my old iPod Classic. Song skip works, but I was not able to adjust the volume. Not a dealbreaker, but worth to mention if you want to use this cable exclusively with it.


So back to the MKII marking. What are the differences? All I could find is the basic outlook. The previous model has its almost rubbery, but smooth coating, which might feel and looks good at first, but I am pretty sure, over time it will peel off and will look quite ugly. This is where the MKII might be a better choice, since it has a shiny housing so nothing to worry about, regarding of the coating. Both have the same carbon shield, wheres the MKII has a different logo on it, also to distinguish the difference between these 2 models.

Overall feel

The whole body is slightly big, almost similar to the KZ ZS10, if you have small ears keep in mind this can be a trouble, otherwise, it fits well, and comfortable to wear. After a long music listening session, which count at around 3-4 hours, I feel zero fatigue, no matter what type of genre I listened. This is really an all around IEM, and at around 60 dollar price range this is a really good deal. If you already have the previous version, then it might not worth the upgrade, otherwise, it worth every penny, I guarantee you.

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