KZ ZSR Unboxing and Review

KZ ZSR - Amazing sound quality!

What isĀ KZ ZSR all about?

The main difference of the KZ ZSR with all the other models from the brand is that the KZ ZSR features the very first triple configuration with 2 balanced armatures and 1 dynamic driver on any KZ in-ear monitors. This type of configuration is something that usually belongs to high-end class monitors that cost a lot more than the ZSR.

Inside the box, we find the usual KZ accessories, the standard cable, with or without the microphone, and 2 extra earbuds in small and large size.

Build quality

The housings, essentially have many similarities with the KZ ZST and KZ ZS3 curved fit design. This design keeps the earphones firmly inside your ear and they won’t even budge. Amazing design with a lot of attention to ergonomics. Four colors are available for the KZ ZSR, but only the green one is with the transparent housing, where you can easily see the inner components, for example, the 2 balanced armatures inside the nozzles.

Sound quality

As for the sound quality, these earphones don’t lack in bass, KZ paid incredible attention to have clear bass punches, there’s a bass vent next to the nozzle. Even the sub-bass rumble is noticeable, without any distortion. Most of the times these types of earphones are weak in mids. Not this one. Well tuned, amazing performance. Highs are bright and detailed, the previously mentioned 2 armatures do their jobs flawlessly.


For an around 27 dollars cost the KZ ZSR can be a really good deal for basically anyone, who is looking for a budget in-ear monitors with amazing sound quality.

The Product Page can be found HERE.

Video Review of the KZ ZSR



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