iBasso IT01 REVIEW

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The iBasso IT01 doesn’t need much of an introduction considering it’s been out around November 2017 and has since created quite a flow of interest.


Inside the sleeve is a hard magnetically latched box where an envelope hangs with documentation inside, like warranty card and information regarding of the IEM. In the box itself is foam padding protecting the iBasso IT01 and a padded aluminum carrying case, which holds the beautiful copper cable and extra tips. Speaking of extra tips, there is an enormous amount of tips inside the box, with different sizes, shapes or material. With these you can be sure, to adjust the best sound and comfort for your ears.


Let’s talk about a bit about the bundled cable. One word: Quality, seriously. Soft to the touch, transparent MMCX standard connector, aluminum splitter tube. Every detail shows us, how iBasso paid so much attention, to truly give us the best possible quality at this price range. The cable itself is loosely braided and feels light so it doesn’t drag down your ears, or feel heavy even after a long music listening session.

Build quality

The IEM body is made out of plastic, only the nozzle part is metal. Is it a good or bad thing? Well, I find the plastic shell mostly ends up in a better overall sound quality. At least for me. The shell of the iBasso IT01 is quite comfortable to wear for long hours with the universal fit design. The nozzle length is just right for my ear with the stock tips providing good isolation while the MMCX connectors are gold plated and look good and sturdy.

Talking about MMCX connector. Thanks to that, you can use different types of cables as well, just like the previously tested and reviewed BASN Bluetooth cable. The sound quality might suffer a bit. Wired solutions mostly end in an overall better result, but in some scenarios, like workout, can be a good addition to this IEM.

Sound quality

Now let’s talk about the most important thing. Sound quality. As expected, the quality in all major levels are very good, the bass is heavy and punchy, highs and vocals are clear and no ear fatigue. Mids only a slight recessed, but still very good. iBasso IT01 has a relatively wide soundstage with a bit of air to help the overall feeling of width and depth. Instruments and vocals are clear and present good detail with some natural texture and definition.

If you already have a good entry level IEM, this can be a perfect solution for an upgrade. At this price range, bundled with these many additional accessories, definitely a good deal, and highly recommended for any music lovers, who don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, but still looking for a decent IEM.

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