Humixx adapter MiniDP to VGA/HDMI

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Humixx adapter is simply a must-have adapter, at least for me. Today’s standards are talking about USB-C and how it will change the word with its reversibility. But even today, the most modern laptops and desktops VGAs have display ports, and from that the smaller one, the mini display port. Usually, we use HDMI cables to plug our notebook to the TV, or the newer projectors, but sometimes our notebooks don’t have the necessary HDMI connection or the display or projector we try to use have the good old DSUB connection, also known as the VGA port.

HUMIXX adapter

This is the time when the Humixx Mini Display Port adapter comes handy. It not just capable to convert your digital video signal to HDMI (with audio!), but also convert it to the older analog signal. This is critical because most converters simply fail to do this job (digital to analog converter). With this adapter, no issues at all work just perfectly! The only downside, that there is no audio output from the VGA connection so you still need to use jack audio cable directly connected to your notebook, or use the HDMI output of this adapter.

The adapter prioritizes the HDMI port, so if you use your VGA connection and then plug in an HDMI cable, the adapter will automatically switch to the HDMI end.


Overall the price of around 16 USD, for an adapter, that can handle both connections, is a really good investment for those who still use VGA and HDMI displays. If you still have old VGA displays you want to use, this adapter gives the option to revive it, yet still be able to use the newer HDMI only models.

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