EarFun Free IEM review

This is EarFun Free, a True Wireless IEM. An easy pick, as your next wireless audio gear. Let’s have a look!


  • Stable Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX7 Sweat & Waterproof
  • 30+ hrs Playback

You get an approximate of 30 hours of full run time!

What is in the box?

As usual, let’s start with the unboxing. Inside the box, we get the charging case, which holds the IEM earbuds, 2 extra sets of ear tips (small and large one), a type-c cable for charging, and user manual.

First thing I noticed, that the charging case is in a slightly bigger size, but not still small enough to fit in any pockets. The case has a nice and firm magnetic latch, with a satisfying snap when you close it. Once you open or close it, the front LEDs will indicate the current battery status of the charging case. Pretty handy feature.


Pairing the IEMs was simple and easy. No additional button press, or voodoo combination. Just open up the case and you are ready to pair. Once the pairing is finished, both IEMs are automatically connected. Trust me this is a dealbreaker for most of the users. Some true wireless IEMs are simply a pain in the butt to connect and pair. Not with this one! Both IEMs has a physical button on the top, which allows us to control the music playback, or to activate the voice assistant or answer phone calls. The only missing feature is the volume adjustment, which can be only reached by the previously mentioned voice assistant. Not a huge problem for me, but still worth to mention.

This IEM is water-resistant!

Sound quality

Let’s talk about the sound quality. The EarFun Free has a 6mm graphene driver, which was surprisingly decent sound reproduction. Honestly, I was stunned, once I started the review. Bass is decent, yet it does not dominate to eliminate the highs and mids. Vocals are clear and well balanced. The passive noise isolation was also decent. The built-in microphone features noise canceling as well, so during voice calls, the other part will have a way better experience. I regularly do cycling, and wind noise was always a huge issue for me, but not with this one. Huge thumbs up for that.


Another great feature is the IPX7 rating, which gives you a decent amount of water-resistant. Not that I am planning to go swim with it, but if you are a sweaty person, or live in a very humid area, this IEM will last long for sure.

As for battery life, with the charging case, you get an approximate of 30 hours of full run time, where each IEM has an around 6 hours of battery charge, but it highly depends on the volume level you listening to.


Anyway, I feel lucky, that I was able to test this IEM out, and I can happily say, that this will be my daily driver at the gym, or any other activities, where the wired audio listening is not ideal. Highly recommended wireless IEM!

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Video REVIEW of the EarFun Free

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