BenQ treVolo 2 – portable electrostatic Bluetooth speaker

This is BenQ treVolo 2. BenQ’s latest portable electrostatic Bluetooth speaker. Let’s have a look!

First let’s have a look, what is in the box. The presentation of the speaker is quite high-end. No wasted space in inside, we have the speaker itself, some paperwork and the necessary charging brick with 2 different adapters. This is the European model, so both UK and Type C,E,F are in the package. Other than these BenQ sent out its separated cherry wood base to have a look and feel of the whole treVolo 2 experience. Basically, the stand eliminates all vibration from the drivers, which obviously means higher precision and better overall sound quality.

Meet the BenQ treVolo 2

Now let’s talk about the speaker itself, and what is this electrostatic speaker technology? Electrostatic speaker technology typically reserved for high-end speaker systems. With a distortion rate that is only one-tenth of the rate of conventional speakers and basically no cabinet resonance. What it means overall better sound quality, especially in highs and mid frequencies. Besides these 2 electrostatic speakers, treVolo 2 is equipped with a dual bass radiator system, so the speaker should cover all 3 major frequency range right?

BenQ treVolo 2
Dual Bass Radiators

Yes, the dual bass radiator system clearly helps to find a good balance and to cover most music genre, however in very complex and I call it instrument heavy music, the tiny speaker can suffer reproduce it. No distortion or bad sound quality, but let’s face it, we shouldn’t expect any “giant studio like” sound reproduction from such a small form factor speaker.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a superb speaker, and those songs I typically listen to, like OST or orchestral music this speaker simply excellent and do the job. Highs and mids are very clear and decent, but if you are a bass-heavy guy, you should keep in mind, that it is highly suggested to bring an additional sub-woofer to the system. Oh yeah, with the line out you can simply do that.

BenQ treVolo 2
Super thin speakers

Let’s talk about ports and connectivity. Beside the line out, we have a standard 3.5mm line-in port, or if you prefer digital connection a micro USB port as well, so you can connect to your computer if you have no other option. If you want to use a wireless connection, you can connect via Bluetooth, with Qualcomm aptX support! Thumb up for that.

BenQ treVolo 2

If you connect via Bluetooth to your phone, you can use it as a loudspeaker as well, and with the built-in microphone, it is not a problem to make voice calls. I’m not really a fan of this feature, since this speaker meant to be a premium speaker, so this type of feature should not be present, but hey we live in 2019, and for some this is mandatory. The built-in battery is capable to run the speaker for 12 hours with one charge, which is very good especially in such a small form factor.

BenQ treVolo 2
Control buttons

You can also hook up one more treVolo2 into the system, and set it up as party mode to cover more area or use them as a stereo speaker so each treVolo 2 will act as one channel independently. Pretty neat feature.

Overall I really love the idea, what BenQ tries and already achieved. The electrostatic speaker technology is such a neat feature, and glad I was able to test it out.

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Frequency Response‎60 Hz - 20 kHz‎
Bluetooth‎Bluetooth® 4.2
aptX Support‎
Input Types‎3.5 mm stereo input ; USB audio‎ (DAC)
Duo mode‎
Yes (Stereo / Party mode)‎
Sound ModePure/Warm/Vivid
Playing Time‎12 hours
Yes (For speakerphone function‎)
IO Port‎
Micro USB x1 ; Line-in x1 ; Line-out x1 , Power Jack x1‎
Input Power Rating‎
DC 12V 2A‎
Dimension‎78.5x174.6x134.6 mm (Closed)‎
1.2 kg‎

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