BASN Smartcable

MMCX Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Cable

This BASN Smartcable, a Bluetooth upgrade cable for your MMCX socket in-ear monitors. Let’s have a look!

Unboxing and Battery life

Let’s start with the unboxing first. Inside the box, we find the BASN Smartcable, the usual user manual and additional short micro USB cable for charging. The BASN Smartcable is compatible with many other MMCX in-ear monitors, but since we only have the previously tested BASN Bsinger+Pro (you can check the video pressing the card button), we did the full review with the Bsinger+PRO. BASN promises a nice 10 hours of music listening, which is quite accurate. At a moderate volume level, a decent 9,5 hours playtime was achievable. Charging takes around 1,5 hours which is also nice if you want to use it in a hurry and need to charge it.

Sound and build quality

Let’s talk about the build and sound quality. As for the build quality, it is lightweight, with a little bit of cheap plastic feeling, yet very flexible body. The sound is good, no delays during video playback, so those who are planning to watch some movies of YouTube videos, don’t have to worry about abnormal lipsync via wireless playback! This is a huge bonus since many Bluetooth earphones or adapters have issues with it. One sidenote tho. If you are an audiophile, this is not recommended, since during quiet sessions you will notice a small amount of hiss and background noise. During playback, you will not notice it, but still worth to mention it!


Overall for different sports activities, or if you just want a wireless experience, the BASN Smartcable can be a good option for you!

Grab your BASN Smartcable from official sources:

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