BASN Bsinger+PRO

This BASN BSinger+Pro, a Dual Dynamic In-Ear Monitor. Let’s have a look!


The BASN Bsinger+Pro comes in a quite neat packaging. Besides the usual quick guides and warranty cards, the box contains the 2 in-ear monitors, 2 different type of cables, a hard, yet flexible carrying box, several sets of earbuds, a headphones airline adapter a cable clip, cleaning papers and a cleaning tool.


The extra cable is such a neat step from BASN. This cable is slightly different from the hand-woven standard one, since it has a microphone and audio control button as-well, yet the cable quality seems a bit cheaper than the woven one. Anyway, it is always a good deal to have a spare cable in your bag if anything goes bad.

Build Quality and Comfort

Now, let’s talk about the build quality comfort and the design itself.
The Bsinger+Pro housing is made out of plastic but feels also solid and no crackling noise when you try to squeeze them, which means we are talking about a well-assembled housing. Pretty lightweight and the unique shape of the housing generate an overall good sealing comfort and good noise-isolation. You will still able to hear some extremely loud environment sounds, but let’s say for safety reason it is not bad at all. As for the comfort, after a long music listening session (3-4 hours of constant music listening), had no ear fatigue at all. Very comfortable, period.

Sound Quality

But how about sound quality? Well, the bass is decent and punchy, sometimes a bit more than I like but this is a very subjective area. Vocals, highs, and mids are pleasant can be slightly better, but overall the experience is good and very pleased with the quality. If I have to give a comparison and you are familiar with KZ earphones, this IEM is close to the KZ ZS5 series, but BASN gives a better sealing and overall better comfort. Awesome bass, but mids and highs could be better. At this price range with this many added accessories, definitely a good deal for those who want a solid IEM on a budget.

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