Amoi Air Bluetooth headset REVIEW

This is Amoi Air, a very strange yet unique Bluetooth headset. Let’s have a look!

First, as usual, start with the unboxing. The packaging is a plain box which contains the headset and some documentation and a micro USB cable for charging. Nothing special, but honestly we don’t need anything else.


The headset is claimed as a bone conduction headset, but this is not the case. It has a simple speaker which streams music or voice call next to our ears, with an open method, not blocking any external sound. In some term, this is a good way and I started to think about in which scenarios can be useful.

Scenarios and quality

For example during cycling or driving or even at the office. You basically able to listen to music and do voice calls, yet still if you want to hear the traffic or your co-workers, it won’t block any of the surrounding sounds. The sound quality is acceptable, nothing special, but for certain tasks, this is a nice little gadget.

The quality of the microphone is OK, for voice calls it is acceptable, and really handy if you want to do handsfree tasks.


As for comfort, the headset is very comfortable, since it is not blocking any of our ear canals, the fit is quite universal and will fit for most of us. Lightweight, so after a long music listening session still no ear fatigue. Thumbs up for that. The battery life is acceptable, 4-5 hours. Not much, but for a daily casual use, it is plenty enough.


As for the verdict, yes it is clearly no a bone conduction headset, which is quite a bummer, I would really like to test out that technology, but still, this headset got a place on the market, and for certain scenarios, a handy tool. What do you think about this?


Grab your AMOI AIR from official sources:


Gearbest Store

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Video REVIEW of the AMOI AIR:

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