xDuoo X3 II – lossless Music Player REVIEW

This is xDuoo X3 II, a portable HD lossless Music Player with so much potential! Let’s have a look!


  • Dedicated 3.5mm line out
  • Around 13 hours of battery life
  • DSF, DFF, ISO support up to DSD128

Full aluminium alloy CNC housing, without any sharp edges

xDuoo X3

xDuoo X3 Mark II Specifications

File supportMP3、WAV、APE、WMA、FLAC、ALAC、DSF、DFF、ISO musicformat,,maximum support 384kHz/24Bit、DSD128
ScreenHD 2.4-inch IPS screen, 7H hardness glass
BluetoothBi-directional Bluetooth 4.0 transmission, support for Apt-x Bluetooth protocol
ExtraHiby Link function
Support car play mode
Max memory sizeSupport microSD card up to 256GB
BodyCNC aluminum alloy shell

What is in the box?

Inside the box, we find the player itself, a Type-C cable for charging, data transfer, 2 screen protector foil, a 3.5mm cross cable audio cable and documentation. Besides these, we get some rubberized feet and 2 jack connector protector plugs.

xDuoo X3

Build quality

Build quality of the player is very good. Full aluminium alloy CNC housing, without any sharp edges, and with a very pleasant finish. For music control, we have every single dedicated button, which is always a good sign. The only missing item here is some kind of hardware button with lock function.

xDuoo X3

The buttons are also well made, with good clicky feedback. The only plastic part is on the top portion of the back, where the Bluetooth antenna is located.

So many features with Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connectivity

Yes, this player has wireless connectivity options via Bluetooth. Sadly no LDAC support, but you have APTx and the option to use this feature to have a bi-directional connection between your smartphone and the IEM you use. Basically, it can act as an additional wireless DAC. With Hiby link you can control the music player from your mobile phone. If this is not the option you want, you can still use it as a traditional wireless player.

xDuoo X3

Wired connectivity

Now switch back a little bit to the wired options we have. As I mentioned in the beginning, this player has a Type-C connection (which is always welcome). The Type-C connection can be used not just for data transfer and charging, but you can also use the player as a wired DAC, so basically an external sound card, or if you connect to a USB amplifier, for example, it can also act as a USB audio output. So many features within one connection, and still you can connect it directly to a flash drive for example and play music directly from it! How awesome this is! Sadly no OTG cable is in the bundle package, you have to get that for yourself to use these features.

xDuoo X3

xDuoo X3

xDuoo X3

xDuoo X3
Bluetooth module and antenna

Besides the USB-C we have two 3.5mm audio jack for traditional headphone output and line out. For the music quality check, I used my Audio-Technica ATH-M40X headphone. The player had zero issues to drive the headgear. Volume level at around 40-50 it had pleasantly enough power to drive it. Above this level the volume was so high, I was not able to use it in a long period. But I know many of you guys like to listen to music very loud, so yeah, this player has plenty enough juice! The music quality was also very good and vivid. First I tried my MP3 package than switched to FLAC and DSD128 to check how it performs. X3 has an AK4490 32-bit 2ch DAC, so audio formats from lossy MP3 to the high-quality lossless DSD128 can be handled. Even tho the player has a built-in equalizer, I found myself switching it totally off. It feels a bit weird and powerless when I try to use any of the pre-settings.

xDuoo X3

Software and UI

The user interface of the player is a bit old-schoolish. Not terrible, but it can improve for sure! Other positive experience is the speed. Even the loading a whole 256GB music library can take some time, navigating and loading is pretty snappy. Even if you play back heavy DSD files, the player has no slowdowns as I experienced with FiiO M3K for example.

xDuoo X3


Anyway, I think the xDuoo X3 II is a decent little player, with so many options and features. I would highly recommend for those, who are looking for a capable lossless player on a budget.


Video REVIEW or the xDuoo X3 II

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