2 Balanced Armatures and 2 Dynamic Drivers IEM

This is TRN V80 a quad driver IEM with a promising 40 dollars price tag. But is it good enough? Let’s find out!


TRN V80 is a quad driver IEM, 2 balanced armatures, and 2 dynamic drivers. The presentation of the V80 is quite good, with a hard box and smooth touch coating. Feels pretty premium. Inside the box, we find the IEM itself, the detachable 2 pin cable, some extra ear tips, and documentation. Pretty usual stuff.


The cable is sturdy, without any stickiness. Termination in both ending is gold plated. The 3.5mm connector body is made out of metal. Thumbs up for that! The 2 pin ending has and extra flexible coating, giving extra hold when wearing the IEM. Somehow they did a different job with it. It is way better what we get with some KZs IEMs. It is tighter, holds better!

Build quality

The body of the TRN V80 is made out of metal, with a shiny, smooth to the touch coating. Feels sturdy and got a bit of weight to it. Not heavy, but you will definitely feel the body quality. The orientation of the nozzle is optimal, comfortable to wear, no complaints at all. Very good.

Sound quality

Now let’s mention the sound quality and soundstage. Typical V shape, with a slightly more definition regarding of the bass. Yes, you will get a decent amount of bass boost, probably thanks to the 2 dynamic drivers. For pop or electric music, this is kinda ideal, but for OST or classical music I recommend something else. For me, I am more or less the guy, who likes if the IEM is a bit on the brighter side. Don’t get me wrong, the TRN V80 sounds really good. EPIC type of music sounds very good, with punchy drums and brass instruments, vocals are also very good if the singer a female. However, if you start to listen to a typical male voice, let’s say in the middle zone, you will notice there are not many details to hear.

Other than this, nothing else to complain. No ear fatigue, comfortable to wear, and pleasant to use, the bundled ear tips are really good quality.


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Video REVIEW of the TRN V80:

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