Mavic Pro Accessories You Should Buy

What accessories do you need for the Mavic Pro? That question isn’t always easy to answer; what you buy mostly depends on your needs and wants.

Remote Controller Monitor Hood

When lining up the perfect shot, seeing your phone screen clearly is invaluable. Sometimes bright sunlight can make this difficult, and the Mavic Pro Remote Controller Monitor Hood is the perfect fix. This hood shields your smartphone and the remote controller LCD screen from direct sunlight, giving you a consistently clear view.



ND Filters Set

ND filters are like sunglasses for your camera. An ND filter allows you to adjust your shutter speed, ISO, or aperture without worrying about overexposure. This extra control over your camera settings during the day gives you more creative control over your shots.

An Extra Remote Controller

Lots of Mavic Pro users don’t know this, but the Mavic supports dual-operator control. With an extra controller, you can help a friend who’s new to drones learn how to fly. Both master and slave remote controllers can command the aircraft and gimbal, but the master remote controller has priority. That allows a more experienced pilot to override a less experienced pilot’s control stick inputs and ensure flight safety. Also, the slave controller can control gimbal movement while the master controller controls flight, so you can cooperate with a friend to get some great shots!

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