A nice step up!

First start with the usual, whats in the Magaosi K5 box? Inside the box, we find a user manual, a cool carrying case, with 2 extra pockets and a velcro cable holder. Also, we get an additional Bluetooth MMCX cable, what a surprise, did not expect that, and a micro USB for charging. Besides these, we have the Magaosi K5 itself with its 3.5mm MMCX cable of course.


The earpieces are as close to a custom fit in-ear as any universal I have tried. In-ear fit is simply superb. They are a clear acrylic with the BA Drivers stacked (one large under 4 smaller). The tubes between the BA Drivers themselves and the nozzle are clearly visible through the acrylic body. The body is pretty similar to the previously tested KZ ZSR, which is one of my favorite in-ear besides many other of course.


But how do the Magaosi K5 fits? Well, simply awesome. After the whole review session, not a single seconds had the feeling it might fall out, fatigue my ears, or even give me any discomfort. Seriously, this is the first IEM so far, which is so comfortable, that sometimes I really forgot that I have an earphone in my ears. It is really hard to explain, and show it, so if you have a chance to try it, go on!

Build quality:

The cable is a massive construct, with a heavy-duty 3.5mm L-shaped headphone jack. The cable itself is lightweight, no sticky feel, also no tangling which is a huge plus. As for the second Bluetooth cable, it is a really nice addon, but don’t expect any extraordinary sound quality from the wireless cable. A quiet hissing is hearable from the adapter, so if you plan any serious music listening, just stick with the wired cable, those are perfect! For sports activities, the Bluetooth cable is still a nice move from the manufacturer.

Now let’s talk about the sound quality. For this test, I grabbed a better DAC, the good old ASUS Essence One MKII MUSES edition. In my previous review with the iBasso IT01 is also tested by this beautiful DAC, simply because I think these earphones might deserve a better overall environment, and in my future videos I will use it as my reference DAC. Now, back to the topic, sound quality.


Be sure to choose the best type of ear tips, because bass can suffer the most if you have not plugged on the proper ear tips to the nozzle. Anyway, the bass is pleasant and punchy. I am also surprised how it can produce such bass without any breathing holes, such an engineering success.

Mids and Treble:

Mids and Treble are both exceptionally good and give an almost studio monitor flat-like sound without any distortion or give any equalized feel. The music sounds as intended to be heard and that’s what I like the most.


The overall soundstage is quite good and at this price, you get a not just cool looking IEM, but also produce music pretty well and a very well built cable as well. Also, the massive amount of ear tips which are bundled can give the best results for you, just be sure to use the proper one for your genre.

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