KZ ES4 in-ear monitor

IEM packed with 1 armature and 1 dynamic driver

KZ ES4 is KZs latest in-ear monitors, packed with 1 armature and 1 dynamic driver.

What’s in the box?

KZ ES4 comes in a standard white box, as many other KZ IEMs nowadays. Inside the box, we find the 2 monitors, the new type of wire which we may be seen in previous models, like the new KZ ZS10. This cable still has its sticky feeling as the older versions but in a less way. Anyway, it has been improved which is a good sign. Next, to the cables we got the usual extra earbuds, so you can adjust the size of your liking.

Build quality

What can we talk about the build and sound quality? Well, the housing has many similarities with the KZ ZS10, but slightly smaller, which makes sense, since it has only 2 drivers per monitors. The new shell fits well and feels good in my ears. Thumbs up for that.

Sound quality

As for the sound quality, it has many similarities with the good old KZ ZST Pro yet, the mids and highs sound slightly better than “let’s say” predecessor. Vocals and mids are detailed better, but you may notice some muffled sound if you try to listen to some deep male vocals. High pitched female vocals or typical opera female vocals sounds great, but keep in mind you may have trouble with deeper male tones. Bass is punchy and percussion instruments also sound in a good tone.


At this price range what KZ targeted, totally worth it. Hands down for it! If you are looking for a good entry level IEM with decent sound quality, go with the KZ ES4, otherwise, grab the KZ ZS6 for more bass or even the ZS10 for a balanced tone.

Grab your KZ ES4 from official sources:

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