So here it is! An overall 10 pure balanced armatures IEM, the KZ BA10 similar to the KZ AS10 but in a totally different case. Many of you will ask for sure, is it better than the AS10 or not.


Well, before we dive deep into the sound quality, let see what we have in the packaging and start with the unboxing. The box is very similar to the AS10s cardboard box, which holds the IEMs, documentation papers, extra ear tips, and a new version of cables, which seems like a whole copper one. Pretty good looking and very nice cable.


Altho I got the new pair of the KZ upgrade cable which gives a hella lot better look and simply more sturdy and massive than the original bundled cable. If you ask is it worth to grab the upgrade cable purely for sound quality, I would say NO. I did not notice any significant changes in terms of sound quality, but come on the look of this cable is simply awesome!

Build quality

But let’s get back to our topic, the KZ BA10. The whole housing of the IEM is made out of metal, very similar to the touch as the KZ ZS6, nice looking, no sharp edges so overall the case is ok. First I was kinda shocked, how small the IEM. It is even smaller than the KZ AS10 and way smaller than the KZ ZS10. In terms of comfort, it might be a must have to be a small IEM, case the brick design is everything but ergonomic.


It fits well in my ears, but still not as comfortable as the KZ AS10, or even the giant KZ ZS10. Not terrible or anything like that, it is simply a comparison between these 2 other models. Overall it fits well and got no ear fatigue or discomfort after a long music listening session, but the KZ AS10 is still better in my opinion.

Sound quality

As for the sound quality, it is very similar to the KZ AS10, well no wonder. But is it better? Well, If I have to choose, I would still go and pick the KZ AS10. As you might know, I love OST genre, so we can say something of classical music, with a mixture of modern instruments are my type.

The percussion and instruments like brass sound vibrant and punchy, but as soon as instruments with higher tones come into the picture, the KZ BA10 feels a bit harsh to me. Honestly don’t know why, I had a similar experience with the KZ ZS6, so maybe the metal body cause this issue for me. The soundstage is very good, and in less complex music the instruments can be easily separated.


Do I recommend this IEM? Overall it is a good IEM with a very appealing presentation, but if you have KZ AS10, I don’t advise to change it for this, or looking something else in this price range maybe you should check the FiiO FH1.

Grab your KZ BA10 from official sources:

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Aliexpress Store

Video REVIEW of the KZ BA10:

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