5 balanced armatures

This is KZ AS10, KZ’s latest IEM with overall 10 balanced armatures. Let’s have a look!

So, let’s have a look of this beauty and do a review for you guys, shall we? The box of the KZ AS10 is completely redesigned, instead of the standard white box, we have a much premium look and feel black box, with KZ branding on it. Inside the box, we got, however, the standard items. The IEM itself, different documentation and paperwork, extra ear tips and a slightly redesigned removable cable.

Speaking of the cable, it seems KZ listen to their fans, it is not sticky at all, more flexible and still feels good and not cheap at all. Thumbs up for that. The termination is both endings are gold plated as usually, just let’s mention that since its always a good sign.

Now let’s talk about the IEM itself, that’s the most important item anyway. Well, some might see some similarities to the KZ ZS10, and I bet, some might ask if there are any differences, which is better and so on. If we use the KZ ZS10 as a reference, I have to say the KZ AS10 got many upgrades which are welcome, and for some, this can be a dealbreaker to switch from the KZ ZS10. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the KZ ZS10, but some of these new things can be appealing for some. What are these?

Well, first of all, the whole body of the KZ AS10 is slightly smaller. Not much, but still smaller, so comfort and fit can be better, and an IEM can sound amazing, but what can you do if it does not fit right? The second new let’s say the feature is weight. Yes, it feels way lighter than the KZ ZS10 which is similar to comfort is a huge feature if we are speaking of IEMs.

What about sound quality and what are the differences? Is it an upgrade from the KZ ZS10? I always say if something sounds good, from there it is very subjective to compare two very good IEMs. In term of the soundstage, the KZ AS10 is clearly better, at least in highs and lows. Those are more dynamic, more vibrant, and highs are simply… hmmm, can we say louder? Clearly, the custom 3D printed internal acoustic structure do their job and can produce a wider range of frequencies, in benefit of a better overall sound reproduction.

Clearly, the KZ AS10 is almost the double the price of the KZ ZS10, so it seems KZ already replacing the ZS10 with the new KZ AS10 model. The nozzle sealing placed way deeper, which helps clearly to gain a bit more of that sound quality bump, and also can help to keep it clean. If you are new to the game and just got your KZ ZS10, don’t worry, that was a great choice as well. But if you are just planning to push the button, then I advise going with the KZ AS10.

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Video REVIEW of the KZ AS10:

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