Geek Wold GK3 REVIEW

3 dynamic driver IEM

This is Geek Wold GK3, a 3 dynamic driver IEM. Let’s have a look!


As I mentioned Geek Wold GK3 is a 3 dynamic driver IEM, so we might expect some goodie bass. But first, let’s see what’s in the box as usual. We got 2 extra ear tips, this is very generic, one small and one large one, and the medium size set as default. Other than this we have a warranty card and the Geek Wold GK3 itself.


Pretty plain packaging, but hey, this is a 20 dollars IEM. The cable overall looks cool and feels sturdy, altho it is not detachable and has a little sticky feel to it. Not a pleasant finish, which might collect some dust over time. The termination is a generic L shape 3.5 mm headphone audio jack, but at least gold plated. I don’t think we have to worry about the cable, it is sturdy and I don’t think it will break easily, yet a detachable option would be better.

Geek Wold GK3 vs KZ AS10

The case of the IEM is made out of plastic, but a hard one. Smooth to the touch and has an almost carbon like finish plate. The size of it is almost the same as the KZ AS10, yet the sound quality is so different.

Sound quality

So let’s talk about the sound quality. As I mentioned it is a 3 dynamic driver IEM, which is quite strange, and a very unique one. As I assumed it will have a benefit in genres were less highs and more lows are present. So I tested it with drum and bass and other types of bass heavy songs, and also with some OST. It was very pleasant. Punchy in every term, no distortion, wide soundstage, and perfect for these type of genres.

However as soon as you request some vocals and songs where highs are heavily present, this IEM suffers a lot. So classical music or POP, for example, Michael Jackson is a simple no-no.


Overall for 20 dollars, it is not a bad deal, but for this price, I would suggest maybe KZ ZS10 or KZ ZSR.


Grab your Geek Wold GK3 from official sources:

US Store
Aliexpress Store

Video REVIEW of the Geek Wold GK3:

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