FiiO FH1 is not a new IEM for sure, it is almost a 9-month-old earphone, but has a lot of potential and worth to talk about it. I was not sure if it’s worth to spend the time and work to do a review of an IEM which is already on the market this long time, and probably many other tech channels are already covered. But many of you just asked to do a comparison with other earphones here I am.


The FiiO FH1 unboxing experience is very appealing. Premium packaging with premium accessories. Inside the box, we got the IEM itself, a very sturdy carry box, which holds the 2 types of cables. One 3.5mm and one 2.5mm cable. Besides these 6 pairs ear tips, and documentation. The earphone itself has no ear tips on by default, which I think actually a good thing, so the customer is somehow forced to take the effort and use the best-fit ear tip from the bundled package. I’m sure, many customers just simply use the default applied one and complain if the sound quality is not what they imagined.


Anyway, back to the topic. Both cables are high quality, gold-plated termination in both ends. The 3.5mm is more like a let’s say “casual” user, who will probably use the FiiO FH1 with a smartphone, or a standard music player. This cable also has an inline control which is for an audiophile a simply no-no. For them, the other cable with the 2.5mm jack is a better option. No in-line control and the cable is, more like a braided one, yet very smooth cover, no stickiness, absolutely top-notch quality. Thumb up for that! The microphone on the 3.5mm version is very sensitive, and god a very good clear voice. Very ideal for voice recording, or simple voice calls as well.

Build quality

The housing of the FiiO FH1 except for the nozzle is made out of plastic. I was really surprised because at first glance I was almost sure it is metal, but that’s not the case. Anyway, it helps to keep the IEM as light as possible, and even if its plastic, the quality here is superb as well. No crackling, no cheap feeling, well built. Both the cable and the IEM are colour-coded, RED is the right side, blue is left. Default colour coding.


The cables flexible ear hooks are very handy and got really good comfort as well. Same with the IEM shelf. Smooth, comfortable to wear, and very tight fit but not too much. I had similar comfort with only some custom moulded IEM’s like the Magaosi K5, but that has a totally different price segment.

Sound quality

To test the sound quality, I used the freshly tested FiiO M3K DAP. I will leave a link of the M3K in the description for you if you are interested. Very good DAP by the way… Test music was some Bob Dylan, a few Paul McCartney, and a little bit of OST music I usually use for testing. Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney were DSD files where the OST genre in FLAC. Just for reference. Vocals are very very good. No significant weakness in terms of soundstage and everything seems just so right with this. If it has to be in front, it is. If it is meant to be in the background, it is. Classical music is just so good, but you don’t have to worry it has bass as well. If you are a bass heavy person, I don’t recommend, it has a little bit brighter aspect, very similar to the Magaosi K5, but still decent enough to enjoy most type of genre.


I know, and I have to repeat always myself. Judging sound quality and preference is very subjective, but after testing several IEM’s I have the confidence to say, that FiiO FH1 has probably the best price-per-value currently on the market right now. Decent amount of accessories, option between 2 different types of cables, and last, but not least a very good sound quality. Highly recommended.

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Video REVIEW of the FiiO FH1:

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