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Smart handheld stabilizer for your smartphone

What’s DJI Osmo Mobile?

DJI Osmo Mobile is a three-axis motorized gimbal with an adjustable phone mount. The gimbal uses its motors to counteract any shake or movement. Why? To keep all your shots steady. Whether you’re standing still, running, or riding in a car. Although DJI is best known for their drones, they have also recently dominated the professional video industry with their gimbals and stabilizers. Following the release of the first Osmo product which uses an attached DJI camera, the Osmo Mobile achieves the same objective through the use of your smartphone camera.

What’s Included with the DJI Osmo Mobile

Included with the DJI Osmo Mobile is a USB to 3.5mm cable strictly for charging, two 980 mAh removable intelligent battery (one battery is enough for 4-4.5 hours of runtime), soft carrying pouch and last a wrist strap.

Buttons and control

The buttons found on the DJI Osmo Mobile includes a central joystick for several gimbal movement functions a record button a shutter button a power on/off switch, and a multifunction trigger. The trigger located on the back locks rotation of the gimbal when being held, while pressing it two times centers the gimbal. Holding the trigger down three times will switch the orientation of the gimbal and smartphone camera through the app, in order to start capturing front facing footage. The buttons were well placed and easy to access during use while allowing you to make adjustments on the go quickly.

Is it stable?

From our testing of the DJI Osmo Mobile with the Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 720 we were very much impressed by the results produced. DJI has clearly adapted what made their professional gimbal, to a much smaller form factor for a camera that most of us have, a smartphone.


In the market of smartphone gimbals, we strongly believe the DJI Osmo Mobile is a complete option offered. However, the high price can scare many potential customers from buying one, altho the application quality, the control, and support is top notch compared to any other stabilizer companies. After the end of the day the real deal if the shot is stable or not, and these other features can help to achieve it.


DJI OSMO test video


Titling Angle-125° to +35°
Rolling Angle-50° to +90°
Panning Angle±165°
CommunicationBluetooth Low Energy 4.0
Consumption2.5 W
Battery980 mAh / 10.8 Wh / 11.1 V
Battery life4.5 Hours
Balance AdjustmentWith three kinds of different count-weights
AppDJI GO (iOS and Android support)
Mobile Phone Width Range2.31-3.34 inch (58.6-84.8 mm)


Build quality - 95%
Stabilization - 93%
Ease of use - 97%
Battery life - 80%
Price - 72%



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