Rillpac BT30 Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Headset

We had the opportunity to test out Rillpac’s bluetooth sport earphones, the Rillpac BT30. After opening the box we found the earphone itself along with a really nice hard case, which contains all the extra earbuds, and charging USB cable. Connecting to the earphone was really simple. Just press and hold for a few seconds of the MFB (multifunction button), a nice woman voice telling us that the device is on and ready to connect. Select Rillpac BT30 from your phone bluetooth settings and you are ready to roll. During our testing we found out it is possible to use it ~5-6 hours (depends of the volume level) which is plenty enough for a whole workday of use. A charging time takes no longer than 1,5 hours.

 Sound quality and setup

As for sound quality, highs are decent, lows are acceptable from this size of earphones, mids are a little bit weak, but still ok. The controller come with 2 microphones, where one is for noise canceling during phone calls. Also there are the standard volume up/down buttons and the previously mentioned MFB (multifunction button). Keep in mind, if you double press this multifunction button it does not skip to next song rather than initialize a recall/redial function. As an iPhone user this is kinda odd for us, however you can skip to next song with a press and hold of the volume up button. Might be strange at first, but with this setting we also gain extra funtions which is a really nice touch. Overall a really well built, decent earphones. Well done Rillpac!

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Rillpac BT30 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset

Build quality - 91%
Sound Quality - 87%
Packaging - 86%
Price - 90%



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