Bluetooth upgrade kit by KZ!

Bluetooth upgrade kit by KZ is simply amazing and opens up a whole new level for your in-ear-monitors. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could add extra features to your in-ear-monitors? Well KZ did something extraordinary. Let’s say you have a KZ ZST, ZS3 ZS5 or ED12 and you are happy with the jack cable solution, and you use it with your phone or console on the go.

But as soon as you hit the gym you need a good wireless solution to be wire free during your workout session. Here comes the KZ Bluetooth upgrade wire in the picture. Simply remove the original cable and attach the upgrade wire. Pair with your phone and you are ready to go. Charging time is very fast (~1 hour) and you are able to listen solid 4-5 hours. At its current price, $9 this purchase is a no brainer, so grab it as long as it last! You will not regret!


Review of the Bluetooth Upgrade wire

The product can be purchased here:

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