Blitzwolf BW-BTS3 REVIEW

The perfect IEM at the GYM

This is Blitzwolf BW-BTS3 Bluetooth IEM, built for sports activities. Let’s get started.


First, start with the unboxing. Very simple packaging, but who needs anything special, if all you care is a reliable device. However, inside the box, we got a very nice and decent carrying box, which contains all the items we need for this. The IEM itself, some extra ear tips, and a micro USB for charging. Besides these we also got a small cable tip, to adjust the cable length. This is very handy if you plan to run with it, and simply want to get rid of any cable movement during the session.

Build quality

The IEM itself is made fully out of plastic, but feels sturdy, no crackling, or any sign of cheap construct. The ear hooks fit very well, and comfortable to wear it. Also, because of the plastic housing, the IEM itself is light as well. I am pretty sure this was the main goal to achieve by Blitzwolf. Thumbs up for that.


Pairing is very typical. Long press the power on button and the IEM initialize the pairing process. Allow it on your phone and you are good to go. Simple as that. The IEM has 3 hard rubber control buttons. Pressing them gives a solid click confirmation. You can control the music playback, volume, and make a phone call as well. This was really strange because I was not able to spot any holes for the microphone, but clearly, there should be one. Here is a sample of the records from my previous phone call. Obviously not a superb sound quality, but not bad at all.

Sound quality

Speaking of sound quality, let’s talk about that a little bit. First, we have to clarify, this is clearly not for audiophiles, so nothing special, in terms of soundstage or overwhelming sound quality. Bass is decent and very punchy, but to reproduce any good mid or high is not a strength of this IEM. But let’s see, whos Blitzwolf aiming for with this? I can imagine myself with this in a gym, listening some punchy Drumm and Bass, or any EDM with full of bassy rhythm and do my workout. No problem with it at all. And I don’t have to worry to make a phone call with this and struggle with any long cables.


Oh, and one more thing. So far this is the first Bluetooth IEM I used, which has no noise during idle mode. Usually, it is like a high pitch noise when nothing playing, yet the connection is still on. Not with this IEM, which is a huge plus!

Sound quality

Battery life is advertised at a solid 8 hours, I was able to reach it easily on a 70% volume level, but in a noisy environment you might have to crank it up a little bit more, and you will have at least 7 hours of playback time.

Anyway, at this price, this is clearly a great deal. Highly recommended.

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