This is BGVP DX3s earphone, with a single 15mm dynamic driver. Can it compete with similar IEMs in this price range? Let’s have a look!

As I mentioned, this is a single driver earphone, which is quite unique in my review history lineup. But sometimes more drivers do not mean better audio experience. BGVP DX3s prove this as well, but first, let’s see what is in the box.

What’s inside?

Inside the box, we find the BGVP DX3s earphone itself, extra ear hooks and several variants of ear cushion and a really high-quality MMCX cable. Be careful with the cushion, case those can easily break. Sadly I did not pay enough attention and one of the cushions just torn apart, these are very delicate accessories. Anyway, I tested without them case those made the earphone even bigger, and the default state is just fine for me. Or at least semi-fine. Yes, these earphones are not the previously tested IEMs which obviously gives a better sealing and I think those are more comfortable than this design.

Sound and build quality

The other side of the BGVP DX3s has huge vent holes, these are active breathing holes, if you cover them the bass will completely cut. In term of sound quality, these are superb for OST or classical music. Let’s say orchestral genre sounds really good, and I’m pretty sure POP or Hip-Hop type will have a decent impression as well. The bundled cable has a gold-plated termination in both endings. The 3.5mm jack connector plating is made out of metal. This is really good, huge thumbs up for that.


Well, as I said the sound quality is excellent. Build quality is very good and impressive. Still, do I recommend it? Well, this is a really hard question, but I have to say this design is really not my style. The huge nozzle sometimes gives me very uncomfortable sitting on my ears, and the sealing is also not ideal. So in a busy area, you will bearly hear anything from the music. In some scenarios, this is very ideal, and for some, this is a huge plus, but for me, it is simply a skip. It is really a hard decision because I have nothing really negative to say about the sound quality, but comfort is very important for me.

If you hate in-ear type earphones and don’t mind the lack of sealing this can be a good earphone anyway.

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