Benq ScreenBar

The only DESK LAMP you will ever need!

This is Benq ScreenBar. The one and only desk lamp you will use from now on. Period!

What’s inside?

Inside the box, we find the BenQ ScreenBar itself, a 1,5m (around 5 feet) long micro USB cable to power the Benq ScreenBar and a well-built counterweight with a soft rubberized inner section for a better grip and to avoid any scratches on your display.

The Benq ScreenBar consists of an array of LEDs in a 45 cm (around 18-inch wide) aluminum tube. The tube clips into a counter-weight mount, which then sits atop your monitor. The entire tube rotates a few degrees and you can also shift the angle by moving the mount on the monitor a bit.

How to attach?

The innovative clamp can handle thick and thin monitors, from 0,4” to 1,2” thick. You simply pivot out the weight at the bottom and rest the bar on the top. The weight is on a slightly spring-loaded hinge so it pulls back to anchor the Benq ScreenBar to the top and back of the monitor. Since the ScreenBar is extremely light-weight, it doesn’t take too much for it to be fully anchored. No screws or any other type of materials need to attach the lamp to your monitor. Brilliant.

Now some of you might ask. Can I attach my camera on top of the lamp? Well, it mostly depends on your camera, but I had no trouble adding my good old Microsoft webcam to it.

About screen reflection

What about screen glare and reflection? Traditional lamps can cause annoying screen glare and uneven light source can also be an issue. The adjustable ScreenBar has zero to none and only the desk surface is lightened up. You also have the ability to slightly twist the ScreenBar +/- 10 degrees of rotation in case you want to make minute adjustments to where the light is thrown.


Because the BenQ ScreenBar is an LED light, you actually have quite a bit of control over how bright you want it to be. And, on the top of the Benq ScreenBar, are the easy, soft-touch buttons that let you control it. One of those buttons is the dimmer. The range is from very bright to fairly dim. You are also able to change the color temperature from 6500 Kelvin which is a mostly cool white, to a fairly warm 2700 Kelvin.

The brightness and color temperature can be also set manually and automatically thanks to the build in ambient light sensor.

The one and only downside we noticed, is there is no bundled USB power supply. Yes, you are meant to power it from a desktop computer or notebook, but if you don’t use any of them, and you just want to work at your desk, you have to use your own phone or tablet charger. It is not a dealbreaker, but worth to mention it.

Overall we are very pleased, how much a simple, well-designed lamp can make our life and workflow much easier. Highly recommended!

Grab your Benq ScreenBar from official sources:

Amazon US
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