BASN EBON+PRO - Wooden Dual Dynamic Driver IEM

The BASN EBON+Pro comes in a quite neat packaging. Besides the usual quick guides and warranty cards, the box contains the 2 in-ear monitors, 2 different type of cables, a hard, yet flexible carrying box, several sets of earbuds, a headphones airline adapter a cable clip, cleaning papers and a cleaning tool.


Speaking of bundled items. It has many similarities, as the previously tested BASN Bsinger+Pro, yet the woven cable with the BASN EBON+Pro looks and feel a bit better, especially the 3,5mm headphone jack. The extra cable is also a nice step from BASN. Well basically every +PRO models from BASN come with an extra cable, just keep in mind. The extra cable is slightly different from the hand-woven standard one, since it has a microphone and audio control button as-well, yet the cable quality seems a bit cheaper than the woven one.

These setups probably have a different purpose. If you want to use your IEM purely for music listening, the woven premium one is your best bet, but for sports activities, or for multi-purpose, like music listening and voice call, the bundled cable will be your choice for sure.


The MMCX connector gives a huge possibility to upgrade or simply swap these cables to something else. Like, add Bluetooth capabilities, with the previously tested BASN Smartcables. If wireless music listening is your thing, you should also check it out, anyway cable swapping abilities is a welcome feature anytime!

Build quality

Now, let’s talk about the build quality comfort and the design itself.
The BASN EBON+Pro housing is made out of a combination of wood and plastic, which gives a solid structure housing for the IEM, and also a good warm feel to the touch. Pretty lightweight and the unique shape of the housing generate an overall good sealing comfort and good noise-isolation.

As for the comfort, after a long music listening session, let’s say 3-4 hours of constant music listening, is pretty good. Not as comfortable as the BASN Bsinger+Pro, which shape I prefer the most, but also not terribly bad. Altho the L shape of the IEM might stick out from your ears, which looks and can feel kinda strange. I am not a huge fan of this design, but let’s face it, for someone else, this is the preferred look and shape.

Sound quality

How about sound quality? The soundstage is slightly in the warmer area, lows and mids are definitely in the focus of this IEM. The bass is decent and punchy, sometimes a bit more than I like but this is a very subjective area. There are again many similarities to the BASN Bsinger+Pro. Vocals, highs, are pleasant can be slightly better, a bit also in a warmer area but overall the experience is good and very pleased with the quality.

For me, brighter highs will be a better experience, but for some those can also fatigue your ears if it is not tuned well. If I have to give a comparison and you are familiar with KZ earphones, this IEM is close to the KZ ZS5 series, just like with the BASN Bsinger+Pro. Awesome bass, but mids and highs could be better. At this price range with this many added accessories, definitely a good deal for those who want a solid IEM on a budget price, and the wooden housing gives a unique feel and luxurious look.

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