So this is the ASUS X505. This model is packed with AMD Ryzen 3 2300U CPU with VEGA 6 Graphics. Memory is 8GB, where 4 GB is sadly soldered onto the motherboard, but only 1 slot is swappable. Really don’t know the purpose of this, but hey this is a budget laptop.

Port selection of the ASUS X505 is pretty wide. We get two USB 2.0, one USB 3, one USB Type C, HDMI, Audio combo jack and a LAN port for a wired network and a full-sized SD card reader. The display is a 1366×768 60Hz display. You can also get a FullHD variant, with a wide-viewing angle panel. This models display is not bad, but definitely not designed for any color accurate demand work.

Overall the main body of the ASUS X505 is slim and feels really good in the hand. The upper panel is made out of metal and has this brushed feel to it, which gives a premium appeal. Within this small body, ASUS packed 2 different type of storage. One m.2 SSD for the OS and programs, and a standard hard drive for data storage. It is really nice to have 2 different type of storage in a notebook, which gives you the option to upgrade them anytime, altho the m.2 storage is in an awkward position since it is on the other side of the motherboard. This is where the swappable memory is located as well.

The keyboard is … ok. It is definitely not the best keyboard, yet it has the so-called Chiclet keyboard style to it. Typing is good, the main body has a bit of flex, but for long typing session should not be a problem.

About gaming. Well yeah. ASUS X505 is not the device you may be looking for. CS:GO barely hit 60FPS even on low settings, Fortnite can run at around 25FPS on low settings, and DOOM is simply a slideshow even on the lowest settings. The Vega 6 1GB VRAM is simply not enough to run these games, but for office applications and for web browsing this budget laptop can do the job.

The built-in 42Wh battery is good, nothing extraordinary. With this 3 cell battery, screen brightness at 50%, and for light office tasks, we were able to reach 4 hours of battery life. Not a massive amount, but still, keep in mind, this is a budget laptop.

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