ASUS TUF Gaming FX504

Massive Gaming Machine with great price

ASUS Recently released their first TUF Gaming laptop, the ASUS TUF Gaming FX504. You may recognize the TUF name from ASUS motherboards, but as you can see the company is now bringing the brand to its notebook line-up.

TUF motherboards have traditionally been known for the focus on stability and reliability. Now, ASUS is drawing this vision with ASUS TUF Gaming FX504, which focuses on stability and durability.


It’s largely the same design as the ASUS FX503, save for some new red trims and accent marks on the outer lid. Internally, however, we might find the latest 8th gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. It also comes with a 120 Hz 1080p panel also makes a return but with a wider 94% NTSC color gamut.

Our model

Our test model came with a stunning Intel Core i7-8750HQ processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics. During our massive stress test, running the CPU and GPU at 100%, we found no thermal throttling at all, also the machine produced noticeably fan noise, but not disturbingly loud. During gaming sessions (for example Doom) the fan noise was bearly noticeable and was able to run the game at a stable 40-60ish frame per second range.

Keyboard and ports

The keyboard is nice, comfortable to write and game on it, but nothing special. Only available with RED backlight, so no fancy RGB. Ports can be found only on the left side, power plug, network connection, one HDMI, one USD 2.0, two USB 3.1 and a combo headphone jack connector. On the right side, nothing else just a single Kensington lock.

Battery life

Battery life is ok, we reached a decent 3 hours with simulated office level of usage. This includes video chatting, video playback, web browsing and document writing. If we plan to game on battery this number will be definitely lower, most likely in 1 to 2 hours of range, of course, it varies on the system overall load.


Overall the ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 is has a solid build quality and can be a perfect choice for college students, casual gamers, or simply for those who need a rugged notebook with decent speed.

Grab your ASUS TUF FX504 from official sources:

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