KZ ZS10 IEM – Detailed Review

Top level IEM

KZ ZS10 is the latest in-ear monitors by KZ, with 5 drivers packed inside this small package. 4 balanced armatures and one 10mm dynamic driver. This brings a tri-frequency separation, which means a dedicated sound generation source for each main levels. We mean lows, mids, and highs by that of course.

Inside the box

The unboxing experience is 100% the same as the previous KZ products. We find the earphones, a bundled detachable cable, 2 extra earbuds (a small and a large one), warranty card, and user manual.

Build quality

KZ ZS10 has a solid housing, well constructed, as we expect from previous KZ models. As for the shape, it has many similarities to the good old KZ ZST or ZST PRO, but of course in a bigger shell to give space for the armatures. Previously KZ placed the armatures into the nozzles, but in the KZ ZS10, we find this time in the main housing compartment. Also, we find this time 3 extra vent holes, which gives plenty breathing for the extra drivers.


KZ delivered a brand new bundled chain-like cable. The bronze colored cables feel much more durable than the previously used “sticky feeling” rubber covered older versions. It still have rubber coverage, but maybe cause of the new shape, it feels way more sturdy and way less sticky. The connectors are gold plated, nothing changed in this parts.


KZ ZS10 gives very similar comfort level as the previous models like the ZS6 or ZST, the smooth case fits well, we experienced no significant ear fatigue even after longer music listening session.

Sound quality

KZ come a long way, and we thought, it couldn’t be better than our previously tested KZ ZSR. Well, we were so wrong. I mean don’t get me wrong, the ZSR sound absolutely phenomenal and it is in the 20 dollars price range, but the KZ ZS10 sounds are just even better. Thanks to the dedicated armatures, all major sound frequencies (bass, mids, highs) sound fantastic. We give a decent 9 out of 10, and only 9, because there is always room for improvement, and after our ZSR – ZS10 jump, we cannot wait what kind of update will KZ come up next time. Until then, we highly recommend to grab the KZ ZS10 and enjoy your music collection!

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